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Children in Virginia have a right to be supported by both parents, whether their parents are married or not, and child support is determined the same way for unmarried parents as for married parents. When the parents are not married, paternity can be established by agreement or using a DNA test. At The Susan Hicks Group, our lawyers represent mothers and fathers in Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria and other communities in northern Virginia in all child support matters.

Resolving Child Support Issues in Virginia

If you and the other parent are both W-2 wage earners and your child does not have special medical or educational issues, child support is fairly easy to determine in Virginia. There is a statutory formula used to determine the amount of child support the payor parent will pay to the payee parent each month. Of course, our lawyers can quickly calculate the correct numbers to put into the formula and determine the final amount of monthly child support.

However, there are exceptions that can make child support very complex, for example:

  • If you or the other parent is self-employed or a contract employee, determining income can be difficult.
  • When a child has extraordinary medical expenses, the amount of support calculated by the statutory formula will not be enough.
  • If your child attends a private school, the parents may not agree on how that expense should be shared.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling these complex child support cases too.

Parenting Time and Child Support

In Virginia, you will pay less child support if you have your child at least 90 days per year under your parenting time schedule. However, what 90 days means to you may not mean 90 days to a court. You should have an experienced family law attorney at The Susan Hicks Group on your side to make sure the day count and your child support are calculated correctly.

Child support modifications: Child support can be modified if the financial circumstances of your family change, your parenting time schedule changes, or one of your children graduates high school.

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