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Spousal support is the most unpredictable divorce issue our attorneys handle at The Susan Hicks Group. Local attorneys commonly joke that there are 15 judges in Fairfax County Circuit Court and 30 personalities. In no area of the law does this joke ring more true than in spousal support cases. In most other areas of family law, we can give you a fairly narrow range of potential outcomes should we litigate your case. However, the possible amount and length of spousal support awarded by one judge may vary greatly from an award by another judge even given the same set of facts.

Rehabilitative Support and Permanent Support in Virginia

There are two types of alimony or spousal support in Virginia:

  • Rehabilitative support: Rehabilitative support is designed to help a spouse get back on his or her feet and become self-supporting. It may be provided to allow a person who has been out of the workforce update his or her skills through additional training or education. Rehabilitative support is generally awarded in marriages of shorter term (fewer than 20 years). When ordered, it will have a defined duration, whether that is one year or a longer period of time.
  • Permanent support: Permanent support is not necessarily permanent. It is alimony that does not have a defined end date. Permanent spousal support may be awarded to men as well as women. It is generally awarded in long-term marriages or in cases where a spouse's health issues or age makes it difficult for him or her to become self-sufficient. The party paying spousal support can return to court to modify or terminate payments if the financial circumstances of the parties have changed or if the recipient spouse remarries or begins cohabiting with another person.

Our lawyers represent men and women in Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria and other communities in northern Virginia in all issues relating to spousal support. The attorneys of The Susan Hicks Group hope to achieve a negotiated solution to your spousal support case, but if not, we are prepared to zealously represent you at trial.

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