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The Susan Hicks Group PC represents clients in all aspects of Family Law and Divorce.

Fairfax Family Law Firm

It is often said that family law attorneys see people when they are at their worst. At The Susan Hicks Group, we are mindful of this and the stresses you are facing when you come to seek our advice. The members of our office - including the receptionist and office manager, our legal assistants and paralegals, and the attorneys - work together to help clients get through these difficult periods in their lives and move forward. We do not consider ourselves just attorneys, but also counselors at law. Every case is different and the obvious answer or what worked for the last client may not be right for you and your family.

A Team Approach to Family Law

During our consultations with you, we will listen closely to learn more about you, your family, your assets and your concerns. For example, if you have a child with special needs, the amount of child support calculated by the standard Virginia child support formula will not be enough. Our lawyers will help you obtain everything you are entitled to have under Virginia law, based on the unique facts of your case.

Our founding attorney, Susan Hicks has more than 25 years of trial experience in northern Virginia and has mentored each attorney in The Susan Hicks Group. Our family law attorneys have open door policies so that we can learn from each other, discuss a unique situation or set of facts, and share ideas about how to resolve a case. We also hold regular attorney meetings to discuss each case our firm is handling. If you call with a question and your attorney is unavailable, our goal is that any attorney in our office will be able to answer your question after quickly reviewing your file.

In terms of fees, we may seem more expensive than the average lawyer who provides family law services in northern Virginia based on our hourly rates. However, by the end of the case, your total fees are often less than they would be elsewhere. There is a simple reason for this: We know you are concerned about costs, and our dedicated family law attorneys and staff will work together to resolve your case in the most efficient and efficacious manner.

We represent clients in all aspects of family law and divorce in Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria and other communities in northern Virginia.

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