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Physical versus legal custody: what you need to know

When making the decision to separate and divorce, Virginia parents are understandably concerned with the effect their decision will have on their children. Divorce will certainly have an impact on the children, but parents can alleviate any negative impact through thoughtful, sustainable custody agreements and orders.

The first step in reaching a custody agreement that works for the family as whole, now and for years into the future, is to understand the different types of custody. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to custody and visitation. Divorcing parents should consider the unique arrangements that will realistically work best for their family and not try to fit their family into a cookie cutter schedule.

Divorce does not have to disrupt your retirement

You have spent years investing in and planning for life after retirement. You do not want anything to disrupt your blueprints for the golden years. Unfortunately, life is full of unexpected changes, some of which, like divorce, will impact your financial future.

If you and your spouse have recently decided to separate and move in different directions, gaining an understanding of the division of retirement assets during divorce will prove beneficial in negotiating a marital settlement agreement or preparing for divorce litigation.

3 methods of business valuation

As a small business owner, your business undoubtedly means a great deal to you. You are emotionally attached to your company because of the sacrifices you made and hard work you put into it year after year. You feel that it is a part of you and has considerable worth.

If you find yourself facing divorce, knowing the fair market value of your company is crucial in determining a fair property division and to keep you from paying more for your business than it is actually worth. When valuing a business, your sentimental attachment should not equate to dollars and cents. During a divorce and equitable distribution case, there are three common ways to value your business.

Should you include a prenup in your wedding plans?

Your wedding celebrates the new life that you and your intended will begin. You aspire to prosper together, perhaps have children or blend existing families, and stay together forever. How does a prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement fit into those plans? If you suggest having one, aren't you telling your soon-to-be spouse that you do not think the marriage will last? In short, no.

What it does say is that you look at the world in a practical manner and would rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It means that you do not want to fight if even if you do divorce. Furthermore, it forces the two of you to discuss something that many people find uncomfortable to talk about -- money.

5 Steps To Take Before Filing For Divorce

When does the divorce process begin? Does it begin when you or your spouse first start talking about it? Does it begin with the filing of a complaint for divorce?

In reality, you can and should begin planning for divorce when you first start thinking that it may be a realistic option for you and your spouse. Early planning can help ease stress along the way, help the process move more quickly, and help you and your attorney gain a more positive outcome for you.

So what does divorce planning entail? Here are five key steps:

The Susan Hicks Group, PC Wins Spring Bowling Social!

The Susan Hicks Group, PC team won the Spring Bowling Social sponsored by the Paralegal Section of the Fairfax Bar Association.  Congratulations to our great staff - Maribel Bustamante, Diego Turcios-Saldana, Lisa Callan, and Tonisha Faison - along with friends - Patrick and Matt - for winning First Place Team!  A fun time was had by all.bowling.2017.pngbowling.2017.back.png

Congratulations to Leigh Taylor on a job well done!

Leigh.2014.600.jpgCongratulations to Leigh Taylor on a job well done as she nears the completion of her service as Chair of the Circuit Court Committee of the Fairfax Bar Association. Since July 2015, Leigh Taylor has had the privilege of overseeing many projects completed by members of the Committee and achieved many positive enhancements to the practice of law in Fairfax County Circuit Court. When asked about her successful tenure as Chair, Leigh modestly stated that, "The Circuit Court Committee's accomplishments are due to the hard work and commitment to excellence of its members."

Four Susan Hicks Group Attorneys Selected to Super Lawyers Susan Hicks Group, PC congratulates Susan Hicks, Debra Powers, Kim Huguley and Kelly Juhl on their selection to the 2017 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. This marks Susan's eleventh year as a Super Lawyer and Kelly's sixth year as a Rising Star. 

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